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Treatments available in our clinic

Dendritic Cells Vaccine made from patient’s own biological products, educating the immune system for the recognition against pathogens in blood and tissues, activating white cells to kill selected bacteria. A safe option to immune modulate, and create an immunological response in the way of a vaccine.

Ozone its use has been very well accepted in the medical communities worldwide, for its ability to immune modulate, detox, natural antiseptic, hyper oxygenator, lowers inflammation, among some of its functions. Has very low secondary effects, and its distribution and activity is almost immediate. One very useful tool, depending on the use, and type of application.

UV light blood irradiation a technique which allows the blood to flow inside a special tube that is being irradiated with antiseptic UV light, killing all pathogens exposed to it (viruses, yeast, mold, bacteria, and parasites), it is a simple and safe way to continue the elimination of bacteria growth in blood flow.

Antibiotics are being used in oral or intra venous presentation with medium success when used in combination with other approaches such as herbs, biofilm breakers and other. Some countries do not believe that the use of anti-malarial antibiotics is to be used in Lyme patients, whereas some doctors have achieved success using such therapies.

Herbs are a very effective way to treat any microbial infection, have the ability to treat and detox in a natural way, without the side effects of a manufactured drug. If taken properly have slight to non-secondary effects.

I.V.I.G. it is the use of exogenous globulins to fight the pathogens, helping specially to those cases where immune suppression is noticeable.

Bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy a modern way of replacing at a molecular level, the hormones, amino acids, and cell signalization to its more accurate way.

Hyperthermia induced therapy a mechanism that achieves the safe delivery of heat to the body or blood, allowing the body to create an artificial fever response, activating inflammatory pathways, cytokines and other inflammatory markers which will induce release of heat shock proteins, a major factor in the fight against bacteria.

Nano silver Ionized a nano particle so small of silver that can penetrate any living organism, tissues and cell nucleus, which helps eliminate pathogens by encapsulating their proteins, also is capable of penetrating biofilm bacteria.

HIT for Biofilm Heparin used orally, may be effective in some cases to lower the capability of the bacteria to form biofilms, which are protected pathogens habitats made from polysaccharides, minerals and fibrinogen.

Vit C/H2O2 (worldwide) Hydrogen peroxide which is the active form of vitamin C, can be used for the sterilization of various surfaces, including surgical tools and may be deployed as a vapor for room sterilization. H2O2 demonstrates broad-spectrum efficacy against viruses, bacteria, yeasts, and bacterial spores.

Lyposomes/Hydrosomes an effective way to deliver certain substances, such as biofilm breakers and anti-parasitic treatments, inside the cell’s nucleus. Achieving a nano size, it is able to distribute rapidly all over the body, without the secondary effects of intoxication.

Detox and natural programs a combination of infusions, vitamins and minerals that help eliminate and chelate foreign substances and heavy metals from the body, allowing the immune system to perform as it is supposed to. As well as properly supplementation of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Hyperbaric Chamber it is a treatment based on the capacity of hyperoxygenation of the body by applying a high flow of oxygen inside a closed chamber, allowing the body to improve cell signaling and detox, among some of the effects.

Apheresis For extreme cases which need immediate cleaning of plasma and blood. This option has been established by the European Association of Infectious diseases to be one of the primary treatments for chronic Babesia, and other blood and plasma parasites, for its ability to filtrate and clean whole blood, even in the worst of cases. When used in not so affected cases, can achieve great results by doing 1 or 2 sessions. Apheresis can be divided in 3 types, for educational purposes in this review: 1. - Plasmapheresis or plasma exchange, is done to exchange plasma in the blood. Plasma is the liquid part of the blood that does not contain cells. After the plasma is removed, fresh plasma or a plasma substitute is added back to the blood. This procedure is used to remove toxins from the blood, which works by filtrating excessive proteins that are surrounded by pathogens, which are creating an infected and viscose environment. 2. - Photopheresis, it is the dynamic irradiation of all of the patients’ blood in one session, allowing around 8 liters to be treated with UV light,  in a 1 hour treatment. 3. - Red cell exchange or blood exchange, it is the method recommended for Babesia affected people, that lowers the percentage of pathogens in blood to as low as .5% in total flow. It is a very effective method to immediately extract all infected cells in the blood, and exchanging it for healthy donated blood, screened and free of disease, eliminating symptoms after one session, especially in neurological and psychiatric affected cases such as acute neuro-borreliosis.

Manual Lymphatic drainage MLD is a specialist form of gentle and rhythmical pressure massage focused on precise locations of the body designed to encourage the body's natural drainage and removal of excess fluid and waste products from body tissues. It is commonly used as a way to control conditions like lipoedema or lymphoedema in which bodily tissues swell, retain fluid or in most Lyme cases is mired in bio toxins, which by applying this technique will improve the body’s functions, allowing the systems to detox of toxins usually causing more symptoms than the bacteria’s themselves.

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