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BIOMEDICAL CENTER DE OCCIDENTE was born as a response to the great need for successful new technologies and alternative immunotherapies. The innovation of existing therapies for the benefit of many types of patients. Through the use of modern and smart medicine obtaining a better quality of life and prolong survival in patients suffering from cancer, viral infections, degenerative and autoimmune diseases is now reality.

BIOMEDICAL CENTER DE OCCIDENTE combines the best of Conventional and Alternative care approaches and is one of the leading Institutions in research treatments with Integrative Therapies. Our comprehensive treatment approach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, includes some of the best facilities available in the country, along with the personalized care that characterizes our qualified staff. From the moment the patient arrives, we take care of all their needs providing a worry free environment during their treatment while having a sense of vacation. Your medical condition should not hinder you from enjoying the beach, sand and other attractions offered in this beautiful city. With 5 star international accommodations, Puerto Vallarta has become a World Class Medical destination with top-notch international certified medical institutions such as BIOMEDICAL CENTER DE OCCIDENTE.

BIOMEDICAL CENTER DE OCCIDENTE’s Medical Director, Raúl Morales and his staff, were awarded this national recognition for the excellence of the service they provide. During the accreditation process, inspectors examined BIOMEDICAL CENTER DE OCCIDENTE records and quality control of procedures for the preceding two years. Certification includes laboratory staff, equipment, clinical facilities; in addition to the overall management of the Institution. This internationally certified inspection program is designed to specifically ensure the highest standard care of patients.

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Avenida Los Tules #140 Col. Diaz Ordaz
Puerto Vallarta:     (912) BIO-MED1
Us and Canada:     (912)-246-6331                   
Internationally:   001-912-246-6331
México:                 01 322 2936161


Dr. Raul Morales, American Society of Hematology, certified Hematologist & Dr. Omar Morales, Transfusional Medicine, and active member reasercher of the Center for Nanoscience & Nanotechnology at UNAM. (National Autonomous University of Mexico)